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Orca International Management, LLC (OIM) is a subsidiary of The Eyak Corporation, an Alaska Native Village Corporation (ANC). As such, OIM works within the tenants of the 8(a) program to provide socio-economic benefits for our community of native shareholders.

Statement of Values:

OIM's corporate values govern the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis and include:





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Federal purchasers wishing to procure from Orca International Management, LLC (OIM) using the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Program may do so by submitting a draft copy of the intended order or contract award to the SBA office in Anchorage, AK. The SBA commits to approving the intended orders within three days from receipt of the draft, but usually provides same-day service. Once approved, agencies may submit their orders or contract awards directly to OIM, without needing to engage in a lengthy competitive proposal process.

Ordering Process

1. Write a procurement offer letter to include:

    a. Statement of Work (SOW)

    b. Estimated period of performance

    c. NAICS code

    d. OIM CAGE Code (68KM6)

    e. Anticipated dollar value & location of work

2. List OIM as intended sole source awardee

3. List contracting activity name and contact data

4. List end-user or recipient name and contact

5. Submit all information to the SBA contact

6. Receive SBA letter of approval to issue the award

7. Release the purchase order directly to OIM

Core Capabilities

Postal Services

Management Analysis

Administrative Support Services

Program Management

Intelligence Support Services

Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Corporate Responsibility & Sponsorship:

We are committed to the values of our shareholders. The Eyak people and their descendants. OIM supports the Eyak Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization formed in 1997 to provide educational and charitable benefits to shareholders of The Eyak Corporation and their descendants. The Foundation provides annual scholarships for both college and vocational training programs. It has awarded 217 scholarships since inception.


Management Team

Our Management Team is responsible for the strategic direction and the day-to-day operations of the company.

Rod Worl                                                  David Cruz

President                                                General Manager

Past Performances:

Postal Services to support Afghanistan, UAE, & Kuwait

Aviation Technical Support in support of the Department of State

Auditing in support of the Department of State

Tax evaluation in foreign nations in support of the Department of State

Exercise Support in support of the U.S. Air Force Air

We are always looking for partners!

In addition to offering our past performances and "all in" team philosophy, Orca International Management, LLC is an 8a and Alaska-Native Company. If you sub-contract to us, you could get 5% back from the Government.

Make sure DFARS Clause 252.226-7001 is in your contract, and if it is not, request it get added. Official Indian Incentive Program Site will help guide you.

Our capabilities .

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Information Technology

OIM offers unique capabilities in leading edge technologies and structured approaches to solving information technology problems.

Key areas of focus are IT (Human-Machine Interactions), Information Support Services, Data Management, and Logistics.

OIM's broad base of expertise and experienced partners ensures clients' requirements are met by responsive solutions that consider all alternatives and meet mission requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Healthcare Services

OIM offers a wide range of healthcare services in the areas of professional medical staffing, program and project management, administrative and management support services, training and education, and facilities management.

We excel in Professional Medical Staffing Services to include:

    Complete and comprehensive medical staffing services

    Outsourced healthcare professionals

    Supporting Military procedures for medical staff allocation

    Administrative support

Our Program & Project Management services are lead by professionals with decades of experience in project, program, and portfolio management.

OIM also provides qualified healthcare support services in the areas of:

    Coding and Billing

    Transcription Services

    Resiliency and Wellness Programs

    Clinical Services

    Training and Development

Project Management

We apply tested principles and methodologies of Program Management, Project Management, and Project Portfolio Management.

Our services are customized and tailored to each clients unique requirements to and deigned to perfectly satisfy the individual organization's objectives and goals.

OIM's wide range of project, program, and portfolio management experience includes particularly strong U.S. Government contracting experience, full project lifecycle experience, and utilization of cutting edge strategic project management methodologies.

Military Operations & Mission Support Services

OIM is a trusted provider of quality mission support services worldwide.

We understand what it takes to operate safely and efficiently in remote, challenging locations and offer a rapid response capability that supports our customers´┐Ż critical mission objectives.

With comprehensive project management expertise and a global network of partners, OIM has the operational acumen and capacity to oversee a wide array of complex programs.

Our reach-back capability comprises quality assurance, program planning and implementation, infrastructure and engineering services, logistics and supply chain management, intelligence and analysis, fully integrated life support and special operations mission support and personnel.

Business on all levels

OIM's success in providing management services for government agencies and corporate clients speaks clearly to our depth of knowledge and expertise. Our customers' goals and objectives are achieved via a careful, cost-conscious strategy involving skilled managers and leaders, knowledge, experience, performance, attention to detail, and high quality standards.

OIM provides much more for just about any service you are looking for!

Hotline Numbers

We have NO tolerance for Fraud, Waste or Abuse!

DoD 1-800-424-9098
IHS 1-301-443-0658
DOI 1-800-424-5081
DHS 1-800-323-8603
The Eyak Corporation ethics number 1-855-230-8382

Contact Us directly

Operational Issues - ops@orcamgt.com / 703.820.1184

Business Opportunities - bd@orcamgt.com / 703.820.1184

General Information - info@orcamgt.com (888) 990-8353

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